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Black holes are one of the strangest phenomenon of the known universe. They simply defy all logical reason. They are so massive that nothing can escape their powerful pull, not even light. Which raises the ever present question, what happens when mass enters a black hole?

Here are some links which might help spark discussion :

www.youtub... -P5IFTqB98
www.youtub... WO-cvGETRQ
www.youtub... ucdlR9EGbA
Can you specify on what you what you are trying to see? As in the effect, the eddie itself, etc.
Is there anything that we can see it all? Yes the eddie itself and if you get into this water black hole what happens
Well from my understanding you would be able to see the eddie itself since it would act the same as whirlpool. If you were to enter that eddie it would end up dragging you inwards toward its center and below its lowest point. The problem is that if you were to compare this with what would happen when you enter a black hole a few problems would occur.

# 1 ) A black warps both space and TIME ( or the space time fabric of the universe ), this means that by the time you enter its event horizon ( place where light cannot escape ) your at the largest space time curve in the universe and well that doesn't really occur in a small scale eddie.

# 2 ) The curvature of space due to gravity is 3 - dimensional. When you enter a ocean eddie, or whirlpool this space ends at the point where it hits the flat plane of water at the bottom of the vortex. A black hole would be that just vortexes in every single possible direction.