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I am interested in programming but I think eventually I would want to have a management role in a tech company. Will a liberal arts degree give me the opportunity to find jobs in the tech industry or is an engineering school the way to go.
Thanks! Pomona is one of my top choices so that is good to hear. Still not sure if it would have more value than let’s say a technology school or an ivy
Hey Jesse - I work at a tech company called Everbridge and was previously at a start-up and in VC. You're asking a great question. Unfortunately the answer is, it depends. If you want to be an executive responsible for Product Management or R&D, then yes, you'll need a technical degree and background. However, if you want to be an executive more on the business side such as Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Finance, then there is less of a need to have a technical degree.
Hi Eric, thanks for your response. I would still plan on majoring in computer science if I attend a liberal arts school. Is that not considered a technical degree? Furthermore, do companies usually promote engineers to become executives on the business side or are those people usually chosen from different backgrounds. Thanks