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For those interested in mobile app development in C#. You should look at Xamarin. With only one codebase it allows you to build apps not only for Android but also for iOS (and for Windows Phone of course):

Free community editions of Visual Studio (PC+MAC) available at:
www.visual... m/xamarin/
1 year ago
How difficult is it to learn Xamarin? And shouldn't we just focus on this if you can build apps for both Android and iOS right away?
1 year ago
If you have C# / .NET skills, it will be easy. If you have some previous experience in any other language, like Java, it will be easy to learn C#.
And even if you don't have any previous knowledge at all, then Xamarin is a good choice too, and Visual Studio is a powerful IDE.
So why not use Xamarin? There's no good reason for me :-)
1 year ago
Thanks! Really helpful