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Since this group is about new problems - we have one that we have been discussing here at RoundPier - what should we as humans expect with the rise of automation?

Many jobs are replaced by robots and more to come...AI capabilities are improving and some predict the end of the human race (although let's not go that far). But the issue we find interesting to address is the economic consequences of automation - what happens with people who lose their job to automation - some expect up to 50% of the jobs to be lost in the future. Many (including Bill Gates) suggest Robot Tax which could be used to educate and train out of work employees.

Others suggest universal basic income - Finland is already testing the idea - and people seem to be happy.

So what's the solution or should we even worry about it?
Who knows what the benefits are...seems interesting
A bunch of the fortune 500 companies are putting a lot of money into automated AI. For example, Boston Robotics was able to create a robot capable of righting itself after extreme applied force sponsored by google. It would seem AI is the future and both countries and companies themselves know it. With extensive funding it come sooner than we think, I think TED projected a 20 year prediction.
Who knows what the reaction will be. Personally I would advocate for a universal income based society where humans could work along side machines in select fields for increased pay. Kind of like a optional Utopia, but that's very liberal...Reality often isn't as clean cut and pleasant.